PERRY MANN and his team of experienced, extraordinary, and exceptionally exotic and
erotic experts are producing The Exotic Erotic STRIPPERS AND HUSTLERS BALL.

"The Ball" will dole out some deliciously delightful and decadent distractions, mixing live musical performances and top DJs with exotic dance, circus sideshows, playful interactive fun, plus fantasy, fetish, and all-out naughtiness. And then there are the strippers, ah yes, the strippers.

But I digress. Here is all the basic info:

DATES: Saturday nite, August 30, and Sunday nite, August 31, 2008 - Labor Day Weekend.

TIMES: 9PM til 4AM each nite

LOCATION: THE ORLEANS ARENA, in Las Vegas, located at 4500 W. Tropicana Ave. Las Vegas NV 89103 (just across from The Palms)

DESCRIPTION: Live headline music from top dj's and live bands, world-class burlesque, fetish, and circus performances from across the globe, lots of strippers, exotic dancers, outrageous fashion, fun exhibits, sexy shenanigans, more strippers, an evil emcee, celebrity hosts, special guests, more strippers, and a few surprises.

WHAT'S WITH THE STRIPPERS? We love strippers, don't you? And at the Ball, strippers from all over the country will be attending the event to compete for big cash and prizes, and you'll get your chance to vote for Best Dancer, Best Pole Dancer, and Best Body. The semifinals will be held on Sat Nite and the finals will be held on Sun Nite.

WHAT KIND OF MUSIC? We mix genres to keep things fresh, and all the music is infectious if you like to dance. But for the most part the music on Sat Nite will focus on house and electronica. The music on Sun Nite will be more live band-oriented with a mixture of different styles of energetic rock.

DRESS CODE: At the Exotic Erotic Ball in SF, people wear elaborate costumes because it is Halloween. The dress-up here at The Strippers and Hustlers Ball will be simpler - ladies dress like strippers, gentlemen (so to speak) dress like hustlers, and the colors are black and pink and purple. Please wear black, pink and/or purple! And if you absolutely can't dress like a stripper or hustler, then dress your SEXIEST. Seriously, man, you need to follow these guidelines. There are no excuses. Even if you're one of those poor souls with zero fashion sense, go find someone who can dress you right.

Click HERE for Tickets.

Q. How old do you need to be to go to Perry Mann's Exotic Erotic Strippers and Hustlers Ball?
A. 21 and over - with ID, please.

Q. Can I take still pictures?
A. Yes, you can take still pictures. Cameras and celphone still cameras are allowed. Side note: If you take any really good shots that you think we would want to feature on our site please submit them to contactus@strippersandhustlersball.com

Q. Can I shoot video?
A. You can do whatever your cel-phone can do, but nope, sorry, you cannot shoot with a full video camera unless you work for us or you are with an approved media outlet, with necessary credentials obtained from us in advance. Side note: If you're with the media please contact brian@bsgpr.com

Q. Do I need to dress up and if so, in what fashion?
A. Like we said above, preferred dress code is ladies dress as strippers, men dress as hustlers, and the colors are black and pink. The dress-up is a big part of our shows. You don't have to go all out with an elaborate costume, but we highly recommend everyone stick to the colors, and at minimum - wear what you think makes you look your sexiest.

Q. What should I wear ?
A. See - this question is so important, we asked it twice. See the last answer, above.

Q. Is nudity allowed?
A. We post signs everywhere that say, No Nudity. You need to listen. Las Vegas is strict about this. No public nudity, please. Remember to carry your ID if you want to drink alcohol.

Q. Is "groping" allowed?
A. No, dude, you just can't start groping people. Try to imagine that you had a normal upbringing for a minute - would you want people indiscriminately groping you? We'll answer that for you - no, you would not. At the Strippers and Hustlers Ball, the operative word is respect. If you keep in mind that lots of people are going to be feeling sexy and aroused, then you will realize that it is OK to ask someone if you can touch. Yes - it is OK to ask. But yo - you have to respect the answer. If it's not the answer you wanted, go ask someone else. Remember - if you grope, you leave. But - if it is consensual, then ... well, then it's not really groping, it's ... fondling.

Q. Should I buy a General Admission ticket or a VIP ticket to the Ball?
A. The General Admission ticket will allow you access to all the stages, musical acts & dj's, plus burlesque acts, plus all booths and exhibits. The VIP ticket will allow you certain extras - see the Tickets page for details.

Q. Is there a special place to park?
A. There is a huge parking lot and it is free

Q. Where is Orleans Arena? How do I get there?
A. See box to the right. Or check out www.orleansarena.com

Q. What if I have other questions?
A. Email us at contactus@strippersandhustlersball.com.


... there was Louis Abolafia and his good friend Perry Mann. They made their dwellings in the Land by the Bay. One day, Louis approached Perry and said: "I want to run for President. I will be the candidate from the Nudist Party. Will you help me do this?" Perry was puzzled: "Please tell me, Louis, why is it that you wish to run for President under the Nudist Party?" Louis responded: "It is because I have nothing to hide." Perry smiled and said: "I will help you."

To help finance Louis' candidacy, Perry created an event that celebrated freedom, the right to choose, and the right to be as one chooses to be. This is widely known as freedom of expression. People came to Perry's event in the land by the Bay to experience this freedom of expression, and they rejoiced. And the Exotic Erotic Ball was born.

And Perry looked unto the Exotic Erotic Ball, and he saw that it was good. And so he nurtured it, and it became fruitful and it grew.

Years would pass, and times would change. But the Exotic Erotic Ball remained strong, and it became a veritable part of the Land by the Bay. The event that was first celebrated by only a few grew into an event celebrated by hundreds, then thousands, until it came to pass that over ten thousand strong came from all parts to partake in the freedoms and merriment that was the Exotic Erotic Ball. And they rejoiced, and the people from Las Vegas heard this merriment and they prayed for the same, and their voices were heard.

Perry Mann said: "I shall now create The Strippers and Hustlers Ball and deliver this to Las Vegas over Labor Day Weekend." So it has been written, so it shall be done.


Since opening its doors in 2003, the Orleans Arena has quickly grown into Las Vegas' favorite arena. The Orleans Arena hosted over 175 events in 2006 and is projected to host over 200 in 2007, including concerts, touring shows, sporting events, and even the circus and the Harlem Globetrotters. The Orleans Arena is located at 4500 W. Tropicana Ave. Las Vegas, Nv. 89103. The Orleans Casino Hotel is a separate building located right next to the Arena.